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Due to COVID-19 fun days will be limited to groups of 15-20 children and 6 adults. Info here

Sessions will run twice a week, 10am to 2pm on most weeks during school holidays. Children aged 4-10 only, limited to one session per week unless under-subscribed. Children in their Pre-school year must be 4 or well known to us to be left. There may be spaces available for accompanied younger children as restrictions on numbers ease during the Summer .

Initial dates available:

Summer half term 2021 dates now available.

  • Wed 02-Jun-21 FULL
  • Fri 04-Jun-21 FULL

Please use the online booking form. This will generate your booking request. Please make payment after your place has been confirmed. Please do not rely on social media messages or direct emails for getting a place. Please share the Rules with your children before attending.

Please note - Forest Fun days will not take place in very wet weather due to damage to the forest floor or high winds in case of falling branches. Winter sessions 5 degs and above.

COVID- Government Guidance for Parents


Woodland skills are for adults, and children aged 10 or over.

Please see 'Downloads' section for more information.


Monday morning sessions (Babes in the Woods) 10:30am-12:30pm accompanied under 5s. £2.50 per child/family. Max 4 children with any one adult.  Restarting March 29th 2021

Please text or call 07825 749201 if you are attending. Email Join the Babes in the Woods WhatsApp group

If temperature is forecast less than 7degs, very wet or windy (wind from N, NE or NW also a factor) we will not run.

Facebook Visit our Facebook page for updates too.

What is Forest School?

Forest School is based on an idea that originated in Scandinavia, using the outdoors as a learning environment. Bredon Forest School provides exactly that learning environment in a safe, outdoor 'classroom', located in a secluded private woodland only two miles from Bredon.

Activities include hide and seek, den building, picture making, bug hunting, collecting and sorting, singing, listening, observing growth and decay, noting changes in seasons, leaf printing, tree rubbing and many more.

Materials can include mud, sticks, logs, leaves, stones, twigs, string, collecting boxes, magnifying glasses, tarpaulins, books, pictures, paper, charcoal, sand, water... and plenty of imagination!.

Sessions are provided on a regular basis for local schools, playgroups and child-minder groups. Other groups arrange visits on a more casual basis.

Holiday 'fundays' are not structured activities by adults but free play for primary school aged children with some adult supervision!