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Bredon Forest School :: Personal Details

Personal Details Sheet

Please provide all the information requested so that we are fully prepared to help your child get the most out of Forest School.

Note: a copy of the completed form will be sent to the email address given for the Primary Contact so please make sure this is a valid email address. If the form won't "go" then this is the most likely reason. If you don't have email then leave this field blank.

Child's Details

Contact Details

Primary contact

Second contact

GP and Medical Details

Has the above named child had any of the following:

If the answer is 'yes' to any of the above, please provide details below, including any medication that we need to be aware of:

Does the above named child have any fears or conditions that may affect their enjoyment of the woodland environment (e.g. response to cold/heat, getting dirty, spiders, etc.)? If so, please provide details:

Additional Information

Please provide any other relevant information including special dietary, cultural or other needs:


You must agree to these statements before you continue:


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Finishing up

When you have completed the form, click the button below to send your details via email. For security purposes, none of the information you supply here will be retained online.